Cape Town to Puerto

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On Monday morning the 1st of October young Joshua Redman came and picked me up from my house and took me to the airport.

I was seriously stressing about my boards, I have two board bags and 6 boards in total. After the travel agent told me its gonna cost R600 a kilo overweight i was slightly worried.

Luckily i had the worlds nicest check in lady and i wasn’t chagred a cent for my 6 boards which included a 9’6 and a 8’6. After getting my boards sorted i said my farewells to Josh and got ready for my marathon journey to Puerto escondido via San Francisco.

First an 8 hr flight to Dubai as a starter, for drinks a 3 hr layover in Dubai and for the main coarse a marathon 17 hr flight from Dubai to San Francisco. Nothing much exciting happened on that journey and i was only too happy to get off the plane in San Fran.

My buddy and big time legend Steve Crowely picked me up from the airport in San Fran,  after all that flying i was kinda in a coma and pretty much passed out when i got to his house.

The next day i started unpacking and repacking. I unpacked all the warm clothes i brought for Nor-cal threw a couple boardies and tee’s in my backpack  repacked and checked my boards.

Steve is joining me in mex for about 10 days so we drove to the airport again, got away pretty cheap with our boards and checked in for our flight to Mexico city. We killed a couple hours at the airport in Mexico city because our flight got delayed. Checked in all our stuff again and boarded for our last flight, a quick hour to Hultuco.

From there we got a taxi to Puerto  about a hour and a half from Hultuco. When we got to Casa Dan ( the place we are staying) i was pretty stoked to not have to catch anymore planes or taxis.

First thing i did when i arrived was have a ice cold corona;-)

Lets just say it was a slight mission getting here

Lets just say it was a slight mission getting here

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