Hawaii 2012 / 13

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It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything. I’m not sure why but Im going to have to do a couple to catch up.

Lets see where we left off. Hawaii. It wasn’t the best season ever in Hawaii and I certainly didn’t have a great season over there. The winds seemed to be wrong everyday and for the couple times that it was good the crowds where insane. But it was fun, i was staying with the boogies Sacha Specker, Mark Macarthy and Jared Houston.

They are all straight legends and Specker did the house proud by taking out the drop knee comp at the banzaii.

Joshua and i defiantly had some epic times there, felt like we spent every waking moment together and its a small wonder we didn’t kill each other. A highlight for sure was when Mr Florence won the Volcom Pipe contest. I went with him and the Boys to Turtle bay for dinner and took Josh as my date. We started the night off with a couple cocktails and the next thing i know we are at food land buying half there alcohol supply for the after party at Jamie Obriens house. Lets just sau things got slightly festive and i vaguely remember stumbling home at some ungodly hour.

On my last day in Hawaii mb even my last 2hrs Josh for some unknown reason decided my he should check his ticket and realized that his flight back to the mainland was a day after his flight back to south africa so we had a mad rush trying to find him a ticket on my flight back and pack all his stuff. We made it by the skin of our teeth back to San Francisco and the next day i took Vanilla to the airport and said our goodbyes after 3months of travelling together and some insane times it was sad to see the big guy go.On a side note im glad he shaved his beard.

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