Into the Mountains

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After almost 2 weeks of barrels and 35c weather Josh and Myself along with Mark, Lars, Wolfy, slappy, gage, Clay and Brendan decide to take a drive into the mountains of San Jose. We did abit of research and found through another friend of ours here a place to stay in San Jose de Rio Hondo. We where told it would take us about 3hrs to drive there and that it gets pretty cold up there with the town being at almost 8000ft.

We surfed in the morning and left Puerto escondido around 1oclock. If you haven’t been to puerto yet let me tell you that it is not very cold place. The water is about 30c and the outside temp at midday feels like the inside of an oven just as your taking out your roast chicken. So we where all very excited with the promise of being cold for a couple days.

After about 40 minutes of driving along the coast we turned inland towards hualaca and the base of the mountains. The change in temperature is very drastic you can feel it drop almost as soon as you head up the mountain road.

The road we went on was scetchy to say the least. It was probably the windiest road i have ever been on. For almost 3hrs we where going around sharp bends left and right. The road itself was falling away in some parts and around some corners there where massive boulders just waiting for you to drive into. Its a single lane road so getting stuck behind some of the trucks was pretty terrifying as every corner was a blind one so over taking someone was touch and go.

After an hr or 2 i started to feel really car sick and was hoping that the town we where going to would come pretty soon. It didn’t. And we where going slightly crazy as we where pulled left and then right around the tight turns.

All the way along we passed houses built right into the cliffs of the mountains, all the people selling there wares out the front of there houses, bananas, nuts, tlaludads, tacos and tostadas seem to be the staple in the mountains.

Eventually we reached our destination, the tiny town of San mateo Rio Hondo and the little cottages we booked called Posada Yegoyoxi. The little 2 bedroom cottages where so epic, each room has a fire place and as you arrive your given a bunch of wood for you fire place. Its probably the best place in the world to take your girlfriend. Cosy little fire place, up in the mountains with no internet and no Television. We however had 9 guys sitting around the fire.

The town honestly looks like its straight out of the Hobbit. Small little houses each with its on veggie garden and a couple of goats, smoke coming out of the chimneys. You can just imagine Gandolf walking around with his pipe. All built into the side of this mountain. Its pretty epic.

There is something to be said about living in the mountains, living day to day on what you grow in your garden. Going to chop your own fire wood everyday to heat your house. Our modern lives are so complicated with Facebook, Internet, money, and everything else we seem to stress ourselves out with.I don’t mean to go all hippie on you but something about that small mountain town really got to me.

Now there is not a whole lot to do in San Mateo Rio Hondo besides go hiking and hanging out. On our Second day we took a marathon hike down to the river. It took us way longer than we thought but was however very beautiful. Walking down the hill we where passed by donkeys carrying corn and wood. Same scene has probably been going on up and down that hill for the last 500 years.

Anyway after the marathon hike we where all starving. We went to the local restaurant and had Mole a local dish made with chocolate and crushed up chilli and garlic. Washed down with a couple of coronas it was the perfect way to spend our last night before heading back to the heat and craziness of Puerto.

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