Frank Solomon

Into the Mountains

After almost 2 weeks of barrels and 35c weather Josh and Myself along with Mark, Lars, Wolfy, slappy, gage, Clay and Brendan decide to take a drive into the mountains of San Jose. We did abit of research and found through another friend of ours here a place to stay in San Jose de Rio Hondo. We... Read More

Mexico with Joshua

Getting to Mexico was quite a stretch to say the least. There are not many places further from SA to travel than here and by the time Frank and I arrived after three days of planes and airports you can imagine what we looked like. The whole trip we had been checking the forecast and the first... Read More

So stoked to get the latest zigzag cover. Check out the video here.

BEHIND THE COVER - with Frank Solomon - Issue 37.6 from Zag Tv on Vimeo.... Read More